CIPE Leading Practices Contest

October 31, 2012 | By More

A leading practice is an innovative method or process with the potential to significantly improve the performance of a private sector reform initiative. The practice may influence decision making, increase capacity, or communicate the need for reform. The practices available on this site were submitted by participating organizations, namely current and previous CIPE partners. CIPE does not necessarily endorse any specific practice.

A large number of entries were received, amongst those following top projects  were chosen as winners of the 2012 CIPE Leading Practices contest due to quality of work  in democratic and market reform.

1st place: Samriddhi Foundation, “Arthalaya School of Economics and Entrepreneurship

2nd place: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Policy Advocacy for Youth Entrepreneurship

3rd place: Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Public-Private Partnership as a Policy Advocacy Tool

Following were most notably the part of team of  to judges:-

  • Louise Kantrow Ph.D, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Lynda Y. de la Viña, Ph.D, Director of the Center for Global Entrepreneurship, University of Texas  San Antonio

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