Economic challenges for Pakistan Muslim League PML(N) in Pakistan

June 8, 2013 | By More

Pakistan Muslim League PML(N) will have to face formidable challenges. There are serious issues facing the country, from the war on terror, security concerns, deteriorating law and order, sectarian killings to reviving the economy, improving governance and checking malpractices, so to achieve durable development outcomes.

The growth in the country has slowed down and averaged 2.3 percent in the last five years. Persistent energy crises, poor fiscal indicators, lagging social indicators, rising public debt, continuing inflationary pressure, low saving, falling investment, have all taken a heavy toll on the economy.

The IMF in its World Economic Outlook has stated that in Pakistan high fiscal deficits, and a difficult business climate are contributing to a sharp fall in the private investment and growth.

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Posted by:          Majid Shabbir
Secretary General Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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