Highlights of Federal Tax Ombudsman Pakistan Annual Report 2013

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s of the Revenue Division/Federal Board of Revenue and their field offices.

The FTO Secretariat is headquartered at Islamabad with Regional Office at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta while offices for more cities are also in the pipeline.

The law empowers the FTO to entertain complaints against the FBR officials administering income tax, customs duties, sales tax and federal excise duty. The FTO is mandated to identify and review systemic issues and maladministration related recurrent problems within the Revenue Division/FBR and their field offices. A citizen can also file a complaint with the FTO against the Revenue Division/FBR and their field offices for failing to provide the requested information as per the Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002. The FTO Office maintains a website www.fto.gov.pk. Following are highlights of its Annual Report 2013:

FTO received 1898 fresh complaints in 2013. Breakup is as under:

Income Tax Sales Tax Customs Federal Excise
46.68% 37.98% 14.81% 0.53%


Complaints decided in 2013

Fresh Complaints Pending from 2012 Total complaints decided in 2013 Review petitions decided in 2013
1594 262 1856 73


Complaints decided in favor of taxpayers in 2013 77.48%
FTO’s recommendations accepted by taxpayers and FBR in 2013 84.21%
Complaints got redressed in 2013 at the investigation phase 28.23%
Average time taken to decide a complaint in 2013 54 working days
Amount refunded to taxpayers in 2013 through FTO intervention Rs.8.23 billion

Source: FTO Annual Report 2013


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