How to be a successful entrepreneur

February 17, 2012 | By More

Entrepreneurs have big challenges and for success in business, following key points should be considered:-

  • Make a clear vision, goal and business plan to achieve set target.
  • Implement a proper system to ensure things are done in a right way.
  • Must have enough knowledge and mechanism in place to calculate loss and profits and break even considering costing, pricing, resources, profit margins and taxes etc.
  • Cleary target market having full information about customer’s expectations and competitors.
  • Create a clear difference of a product or services offered by the competitors, if any.
  • Develop a comprehensive and achievable market plan.
  • Keep enough cash flow to grow.
  • Target for leading rather than sailing in the business.
  • Allocate sufficient budget for personal capacity building and staff training.
  • Also focus on controlling unnecessary expenditures rather than just focusing to generate revenues.

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By Majid Shabbir, Official Moderator BSO Forum and Secretary General Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry


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