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November 24, 2015 | By More

Pakistan Embassy in Poland has prepared the following market reports for linkage with Polish counterparts:

Poland is one of the emerging auto parts market in Europe. The size and the improved economic conditions are having a positive impact on the sales of vehicles and vehicle parts.During the recent global financial crisis when sales plummeted throughout Europe, the Polish economy registered a positive growth and was less affected by the crisis as compared to most of the other economies in Europe. In 2012 the automotive sector was second largest and most important sector in the industrial sector of Poland. At the end of 2014, report prepared by the Polish Association of Automotive Industry showed that Poland is one of the Central and Eastern Europe’s largest cars, automotive parts and components manufacturer.


The Polish market for leather products has value of more than 400 million Euros in terms of retail sales. This market is growing quite consistently since 2005, as the Polish economy continues to integrate more closely into EU. The main competitors of Pakistan for leather products in Polish market are Germany, China, Belgium, Italy, India and Vietnam. About 36% of Polish imports are coming from developing countries. Out of this 36%, nearly 90% of leather products imports are coming from China which is followed by India (4.0%). The share of Pakistan in the leather products market of Poland is 0.32% (Ministry of Economy, Poland).

This industry sector in Poland is nearly 100% privatized and it consists mainly of medium, small and micro private enterprises. The state has some small shareholdings in a few, formerly public companies, but the same has no significant impact on the decisions in these companies. Textiles and clothing sector has traditionally been an important part of the national industry as well as the large source of employment in the manufacturing sector. Nowadays Poland is one of the largest textile and clothing producers among the Central and Eastern European countries. The majority of Polish garment factories used to realise foreign orders but lately, the number of same is diminishing due to higher costs of production in Poland as compared to other countries, especially in Asia.



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