Provincial budgets 2014-15 highlights

August 30, 2014 | By More


  •  budgetThe Sindh budget has a total outlay of Rs.686.2 billion. Total receipts are projected at Rs.672.118 billion, showing a deficit of Rs.14.06 billion.
  • The Annual Development Programme has been allocated Rs.168 billion, against current year’s rs.185 billion. Revenue expenditure is budgeted Rs.436.09 billion, capital expenditure at Rs.34.7 billion, and Rs.47.5 billion is for other development expenditure.
  • Provincial own receipts are estimated at Rs.125.1 billion. The provincial collection of sales tax on services is estimated at Rs.49 billion, provincial tax receipts (excl. sales tax) at Rs.58 billion and provincial non-tax receipts at Rs.18 billion for next financial year.
  • Development grants are estimated at Rs.22.47 billion.
  • Enhanced allocations for payments of electricity bills. The budget has allocated Rs.26 billion for payment of electricity bills, increasing it substantially from current year’s allocation of rs.9.5 billion. The allocation for all government entities for payment of electricity dues has also been raised.
  • The provincial government has started the second phase of Sindh Education Reform Program with the assistance of the World Bank.
  • The Sindh Government has incorporate Sindh Wind Power Development Company and has also established Alternative Energy Development Fund.
  • The provincial government has announced a 10 percent increase in salary for government employees in grade 1-5 and 5 percent raise in conveyance allowance.
  • Minimum pension has been raised by Rs.1000 to Rs.6000 per month. A 10 percent raise in pension for all retired government employees has been proposed.
  • The government proposes to reduce sales tax on services to 15 percent from 16 percent.
  • 250,000 new jobs would be created.
  • The Sindh government is proposing to levy Sindh sales tax on the services which are already liable to sales tax in other provinces but are not yet taxable in Sindh.

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