Tips for starting a business

January 13, 2012 | By More

Starting a business is not as difficult, as it is considered to be. Right planning, determination and strong will are needed to start a business despite all ifs and buts or do’s or don’ts. Successful businessmen don’t wait for the time and move on in all economic situations. But those who keep on waiting for the right time to start a business normally miss the opportunities and in the meantime more players come into the field. Thus no specific time is required for starting a business!

Following tips can help you in starting a business:

  • Don’t afraid and start a business without looking at the overall economic environment – plan right and just do it.
  •  Do it with you own investment and without depending on others. But at later stage you may go for a lending option for expansion.
  •  Start with small but good team having skill variety. Invest on them to get good results.
  •  Take advice from experts and experienced people to move forward – this is your outside team.
  •  Think bigger and keep a track of market opportunities — both local and global.
  •  But be realistic in your expectations to balance the dream with reality. i.e. don’t be so optimistic and promise more than you can possibly deliver.
  •  Be determined in all economic environments and keep on sailing whether slow or fast.

By Majid Shabbir – Official Moderator BSO Forum and Secretary General, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry


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